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We are searching for investors worldwide, who are interested to invest in commercial property in the high economic impact area - They are near the Fort Hood Army Base in central Texas.

Fort Hood is the largest Army Base in the US and the free world today.

The annually economic impact apx. $7+ Billion in local area and $25+ Billion Statewide, and creates steady growth.

Seton Hospital, Scott & White Clinic and Sam's Club are all building new locations here.

There are 7 Wal-Mart stores, 7 HEB stores, and 3 Sam's Clubs within apx. 50 miles.

Killeen-Ft. Hood Regional Airport served this area.

Texas A & M University, a 650 acres campus is now under construction in south side of Killeen.

"Fort Hood" 是今日美國境內和自由世界最大的軍事基地. 每年有高達美元 2 百億以上的經濟影響力.


About Fort Hood


Great Area for Your Investment!!

We have properties from big shopping centers (operating), big nightclubs building (operating); car wash (operating); many single standing commercial buildings(operating); many commercial lands for investment and developing.

The region has experienced tremendous growth that will last well into the future!

If you have any questions or are interested in any properties, please do not hesitate to contact me.

如果您有意在德州中部投資,購買商業房地產,購物中心, 敬請連絡.

** We also have retail store for rent from time to time, please check "What's New" page.

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Gene Williams